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Worries about our Hermann
Posted: 28/08/2016 by

We are having ongoing problems with our three year old Hermann. She eats very little and is slowly losing weight. She is housed in a tortoise table with a good substrate. I have monitored temperatures and these are well in the guidelines. We are giving her different types of salad leaves, such weeds and wild plants as are seasonal but she will go for days with seemingly no food intake. We have an outside run for her and she is going out when the weather is suitable and we have growing food plants in the run. She gets bathed most days. Is there anything we can do to tempt her to eat? Any special food that tortoises find irresistible? As background we have had her since last December. We were sold her with a second tortoise and a viv. Typical miss selling as we subsequently found out. But we re homed the other tortoise, set up the table and generally tried to settle her down. She has been in the table for about three months now. Any help would be appreciated. 

Re: Worries about our Hermann
Posted: 30/08/2016 by


Given the way it was sold to you it appears that it came from the Pet Trade, if so it's risky. In which Country was it [stated] to have been bred ?

It's good that you have done some reading & improved the habitat. So what are the temps & where taken ?

When I have more background info., I'll try to advise.


Re: Worries about our Hermann
Posted: 31/08/2016 by

Hi, we believe that she was bred in Turkey. Temps range from 30 under the lamp to 22 in the cool corner

Re: Worries about our Hermann
Posted: 01/09/2016 by


30C at tort level ? Using a combined UVB bulb e.g. 100W  Megaray ?

Some are bred in Turkey, but it's alleged that most are wild caught. Problems [or worse !!] are common.

I'd arrange with a vet to take faecal samples along for screening. Parasite infestations are common. Further investigation may be needed.

Diet - NO salad leaves, no 'goodness' no roughage. Plenty of weeds around now to October. It can be out most of Sept., unless rain all day -  needs a 'house'. No tort pellets, don't be tempted.

It's habitat is basically ok, I think it's a veterinary matter.



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