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Newbie alert
Posted: 30/05/2016 by


We (my husband, sons aged 13, 5 and 1, and i) are looking to get a family pet. Both myself and my husband work (I'm part time) and don't have the time to offer a pet such as a dog but would like to add a 4 legged member to our family. After looking at the care for tortoises we think that a tortoise would be a perfect addition. The problem is we are complete newbies, I will be it's owner and my children will be taught to care for it properly at appropriate ages I totally understand that my 5 and 1 year old are far too young yet. Also Although we have a good sized garden 10 x 30metres we don't have grass as it's been astroturfed. I want to make sure that we have the adequate setup and want it to be the right habitat for a tortoise. If need be we can turf a an area of our patio are for our new tortoise. Also being a newbie is it better to have a hatchling or an older rehomed tortoise? Also which breed is easiest to maintain for busy families?what are the main health issues to look out for?

Re: Newbie alert
Posted: 31/05/2016 by Tom


You need to read your way through the site.

Start by clicking on the "The Tortoise / ...." box.



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