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New Tortoise advice
Posted: 25/05/2016 by HeatherandAlan


I've adopted a Horsfield Tortoise, Alan.  I'm told he is about a year old, he measures about 2.5 inches. He's come with a vivarium, which I'm planning to replace with either a table top or outside enclosure.  My question is about phasing in the changes.  The poor chap has probably spent his life indoors in a vivarium with heat light and UVB light.  Fed rehydrated pellet type food and dried weeds etc.  I'd like to offer him a more natural existence, but would like some advice about how I can make changes without upsetting him.
He's used to a constant 21 degrees, will he tolerate going outside straight away? Should I plan to bring him in at night?
 What about his diet, I doubt he's ever been consistently offered fresh food, so how best to phase in the change, and what should I try?
Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

Heth & Alan

Re: New Tortoise advice
Posted: 25/05/2016 by Tom


If you explore the site, start with "The Tortoise / " box, you will find the detailed info needed, [Caresheets etc]. Other boxes are relevant, e.g. the "Printable Diet" box.

As you are aware 'vivs' are unsuitable, so is a constant temp.. You will need a 'table' & a pen outside. Yes bring it in at night, room temp is ok.
An old drawer is fine as a 'table', use a 100W Megaray UVB bulb. 
4 pieces of 6" x 1" timber nailed together is best for a pen, 3' x 2'  to start with. Wire netting on top, held down with 2 half bricks, (why pay 50 !!) Provide partial shade.
Only use the Megaray in very poor weather, [like today in Northants !!]



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