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Greenhouse or cold frame
Posted: 24/05/2016 by Nutmeg

Hi I have tortoises from 10-20 years old. All hermanns.This year instead of keeping them in a large run I am letting them roam a large secure garden.

I have 2 cold frames full of straw and hay for them to go into at night.
Obviously no heat/ light is in the cold frame due to it causing a fire.Would it be better if I had a greenhouse where I could hang heat/ lights for them to bask under on the weather as it is now.(bedfordshire). Prior to letting them roam I always took them into a heated shed with the appropriate lights that came on at 07.00-17-00.If in a greenhouse I would be putting top soil to the recommended depth.
Would welcome opinions as to what would be best as they appear less active as usual is it the lack of basking heat.

Re: Greenhouse or cold frame
Posted: 24/05/2016 by Tom


A greenhouse is an invaluable asset, especially between hibe. & consistent good weather. Temp. control & some shade areas need attention.
Avoid the temptation to 'molly coddle' them. 
I know people with greenhouses & plenty of garden space, but their torts spend all day in the greenhouse & are hyperactive. Quite ridiculous, they are a hardy species - treat them accordingly, just use the g'house in bad weather.


Re: Greenhouse or cold frame
Posted: 24/05/2016 by Nutmeg

Thank you Tom

So it's no heat lamp,the cold frame is ok and don't Molly coddle them.
They all went to bed today in one of the hides that has hay in and appear very happy and ignored the cold frame.



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