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New Hermanns - advice please
Posted: 21/05/2016 by gembolina

Good Evening all, 

First apologies as I am completely new to the tortoise world :)

I have bought my first Hermanns tortoise, Shelby, he/she is 9 months old and just lovely. Firstly, the day I picked up (Thursday) he/she had a wee in the container that he/she came home in, it looked like quite a lot for such a small thing and the creamy substance was present as well as liquid... I have bathed him each evening and he has not had another wee since Thursday evening. Could this be a problem?

Secondly, the place I bought him from advised not to put water in with him as they said he would wee in it then drink it and make himself poorly (hence the daily bathing!), they also said he would store enough water from the foods I give him... everything I have read since then believes me to think that he should have some water available in his tabletop... The other thing they weren't sure on was me NOT buying a viv for him with him being so small.. 

I'm so confused and worried I've done/ am doing the wrong thing/s, any advice would be greatly appreciated,


Re: New Hermanns - advice please
Posted: 21/05/2016 by Tom


It seems that you've bought an imported tort' which is not ideal.

It will drink when it's ready, the cream substance is normal.
I agree it's best not to put water in the 'table', but bathe daily. They are wrong to say they get all they need from food. If you wish, put a water dish in, but put a solid object in it, so that the tort can't get in the dish.

Quite right to get a table - well done, & a combined UVB bulb [100W Megaray ideally.]
When you are sure all is well, it can go outside in a small pen.



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