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Keeping a Young Tortoise (temporarily) in a UK flat
Posted: 11/05/2016 by TortoiseNewbie

My fiancée and I are considering getting a Mediterranean spur thigh tortoise - neither of us have had one before, and we're unsure if it's suited to our current situation - as much as we both love the idea. The tortoise in question is currently 6 months old, tentatively named Davros (yes, we're huge Doctor Who fans!) and is being given away (we're aware that spur thigh sales are restricted to license-holders in the EU) by a friend of my fiancée.

We currently live in a ground-floor flat with no garden or outside space - however, we do plan to buy our first house (non-negotiably with a garden) within the next 2 years (maximum - we hope less) and start a family of our own, so the main concern for us is if we would be harming the wellbeing of the tortoise by keeping it indoors for the first two years of its life.

My own logic is split - one half of my brain says that tortoises live for an exceptionally long period of time (> 70 years) so a 2-year stint in a flat would be a relatively small proportion of its life, and the other half is saying that it would be unfair to deprive it of an outside environment for any length of time.

We would rather not get a tortoise at all than selfishly make it fit into our lives at the expense of harming its life or development, so any help would be hugely appreciated. We fully plan on getting a UV lamp and a proper enclosure, but the ongoing question is if it's actually fair to the animal.

Re: Keeping a Young Tortoise (temporarily) in a UK flat
Posted: 12/05/2016 by Tom


Normally I would say no, but you are obviously genuine. When torts are going free they usually end up in the wrong hands. So go for it & good luck with the house.
Don't be afraid to hibernate it.



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