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Leopard Tortoise Treacle Boy or Girl???!
Posted: 29/04/2016 by Bethsinitaly

Ok so I live in Italy and have 5 leopard tortoises and treacle the oldest of the 4 young ones and she/he is 1.5 years old. I had read that sexing torts before they are 5/6 years is very difficult. as I've no intention of breeding them (five is enough for me :) ) own three fields as well as two large garden areas and half a house worth of indoor space not being used I've plenty of space for them to roam comfortably summer or winter no matter the outcome. I'd put my curiosity on the shelf as to the what sex question but today I was giving treacle his/her weekly check over and weigh in and much to my surprise ended up witnessing something similar to a scene out of alien! I have attached a pictures of the tail end of the dramatics (no pun intended!!) and I am pretty sure that sweet little innocent looking treacle just flashed me for a good 30 seconds or so!! So my question is can anyone confirm if treacle is indeed a boy and if I need to start referring to 'her' as a 'him' from now on!! :) it was about 2 inches long pink and pretty prehensile and although I didn't actually see the moment it appeared until I turned treacle over it seemed to vanish back in again pretty smoothly so I'm thinking penis is the logical conclusion?? 

Re: Leopard Tortoise Treacle Boy or Girl???!
Posted: 29/04/2016 by Tom

As you state - logically it's male.

It looks filthy for some reason.

It's good it has plenty of room, this species is often kept by idiots who have insufficient space.


Re: Leopard Tortoise Treacle Boy or Girl???!
Posted: 29/04/2016 by Bethsinitaly

Thanks Tom i appreciate the feedback. I thought that might probably be the case but just wanted to double check with people with more experienced to make absolutely certain as the nearest vet with any knowledge of tortoises is a good few hours drive from where I am in rural abruzzo so vigilance and catching any potential issues early is an absolute must. The dirt you mention is because I always make sure I weigh them just after they poop and just before they have their soak so I get an accurate figure for actual body weight otherwise the weight reading can be misleading jumping about all over the place. I agree totally as with most animals the more space the better and it helps with finding room to grow my own tortoise feed for them too (you never know what is on the shop bought stuff freshly picked and all natural  is always best in my book) 


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