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Fat tortoise
Posted: 20/04/2016 by Cindythetortoise

I have a new little spurthighed tortoise (mediterranean) who is roughly 2 years old. She seems to be gaining to much weight. Far more than the recommended 4g per month, last month was 30g, looks like heading same way this month and is starting to look a little bit puffy. She eats campanula, the odd dandilion, welsh poppy, plantain and a little bit of clover and tortoise weed mix and pansy flowers. We can't seem to find anything definitive on quantity of food per day. Are there any foods that are particularly calorific to avoid? Any help would be appreciated!! 

Re: Fat tortoise
Posted: 21/04/2016 by Tom


You are feeding a good diet.

There is no 'correct' amount per month.

How many hours a day is the UVB bulb on ?

There are quite a number of Med' spur-thighed species. Yours is likely to be Testudo ibera.



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