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horsefield not eating!!
Posted: 18/04/2016 by Jodiemay

Hi! I'm new to this, I'm also new to the world of tortoises! I've always wanted one- and i finally decided to go for it! I have a horsfield tortoise, and the breeder told me it's a female and around 16 months. She seems healthy- smooth shell etc. 

I've had her for four days, and she hasn't been the slightest bit interested in her food. She's sleeping almost constantly, and only wakes when I rouse her. she has a little wonder and goes back to sleep! Here is some info for a little insight:
She lives in a tort table- I think it's around 2ft by 3.5ft. I keep it heated using a suspended mixed UV heat light. The cool end is a shelter with a lid on top that is darker than the rest of the table. There is also a little cave for her to hide in. I've offered her dandelions and some kale, there is a small dish of water in there and ive  given her daily warm baths. 
I checked the temp and under her lamp it's around 27 degrees. The shelter part is about 22. Her substrate- which she lived in at her previous home- is pellets made of a sort of straw. Although after doing research Im going to change it to top soil and play sand. 
She really doesn't seem happy, help? :-( 

Re: horsefield not eating!!
Posted: 18/04/2016 by Tom


Who is the breeder ? I ask as there are many pretend 'breeders' but few actual ones. It is not possible to sex a tortoise at "about" 18 months.

You state that it is "about 27C" at the basking spot, when keeping reptiles accurate temp' readings are essential.

Can you post pics of your tortoise please ? & pics of your setup.



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