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My horsfield fell...should I be worried?
Posted: 12/04/2016 by SheldonsMummy

Hi, just after some advice/ 3 year old horsfield is a climber so we have ramps to keep him amused and this afternoon, as my son and I were watching him he fell off the edge!! The substrate thats usually banked against it crumbled away and he fell about 8 ins onto his back. I righted him straight away and left him to hide under his log. The reason I'm worried is that when he fell he kind of cartwheeled and as he landed his head bent right back. I mean right back! It was so horrible my son was in floods!  Once my son was in bed I was so worried I dug him out of his little sulky hole and put him in various places around his home and observed him and he seems absolutely fine. Then he wandered off and bedded down in his usual spot. He's fine. But is he? Are there any signs I need to be watching for? Like humans with concussion? It doesn't seem right that he's fine, it seemed like such a bad fall. Am I just worrying too much? I know they are hardy and if they climb then must endure falls but how high is too high? 

Any advice welcome.
Thanks 😕

Re: My horsfield fell...should I be worried?
Posted: 12/04/2016 by Tom


To a great extent it depends what it fell on to - was it substrate or what was it ?

I'd forget the ramps & provide at least 15cm of compacted soil for it to tunnel into, so that it can express some [limited] natural behaviour. Also some rocks to climb on.

Just closely observe it, if it deteriorates in any way, seek specialist veterinary advice.

I think it will be fine with an 8" fall. You are right to be cautious, serious falls can be deadly.

It's not possible to say "how high is too high" there are many variables.

Now is the time to build its outdoor enclosure. Go to the "Photo Gallery" box for ideas.



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