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Another poop question
Posted: 13/12/2008 by imfromwales

I have seen Ed do a white powdery poo today whilst in the bath.

I am feeding him Nutrobal, it may be that i have simply given him too much although i dont think so. I dab my fingertip in it, and sprinkle that on his food once every few days.

Take a look at the picutre i took. Copy and paste the URL below, into a browser to view it:


Re: Another poop question
Posted: 13/12/2008 by vivtpgadmin

Hi Antonio, I have had a look at your photo, this is nothing to worry about they white is urates that tortoises often dispell whilst in the bath.  They are normally 'jelly like' and white, if they are a little gritty then up the baths and perhaps give a little cucumber which will help hydrate Ed.  Just check your temps to make sure he isnt too hot and getting dehydrated.

It has nothing to do with you giving Ed too much Nutrobal, in fact you say you only give him Nutrobal every few days you could give it him four or five days and the other days just add limestone flour.



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