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Lethargic after hibernation
Posted: 13/03/2016 by

Hi All,

My 6 year old horsfield has now been out of hibernation for 2 weeks (she had 22 weeks hibernating). She's been toileting regularly and eating well but seems very lethargic compared to her normal activeness. 

Her eyes opened quickly, much quicker than last year, and are bright she let me take a peek in her mouth and that all looks fine. Her shell is fine and she didn't lose all that much weight this year, less than last year but she slept an extra two weeks. 

I find her lying in odd positions, always under the heat lamp but she sort of has her head out but on the soil, eyes closed whereas she normally goes into one of the corners to sleep and keeps her head mostly in. Or she'll also have her legs sort of splayed around her and I keep thinking she's dead but when I touch her shes gives me her usual disapproving hiss and re-arranges herself. 

I'm not overly concerned as she's eating well and toileting but just wondering why she might not be as active as she normally is? Is it something I should take her to the vets for or is she just being lazy?!

Re: Lethargic after hibernation
Posted: 13/03/2016 by Tom

Hello Sarah,

Can you send pics of your setup please, stating the type of bulb & when it was purchased.
What is the ambient temp. & the temp at the top of the carapace ?

I'm surprised it hisses, it is a sign of stress.
Are you placing it in a good depth of tepid water daily ?



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