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Posted: 29/02/2016 by

Hiya, can anyone help? I have 2 hermanns which are both boys. They have recently started fighting and it gets quite vicious. I have separated them now but before i had the chance to they had one last fight which ended quite bloodily. The smaller of the 2 took quite a beating and there was a lot of blood. Now he is off his food and has a noticible gap on one side of his mouth, the other side closes fully. Is it possible to break/dislocate a jaw? Thanks in advance x

Re: zoe
Posted: 29/02/2016 by Tom


You will need to take it to a vet, not feeding is a sign of pain, I suspect.

If they are old enough to fight, they can be hibernated next year.

Now is the time to plan & build their outside enclosures, which need to be as big as possible.



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