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Current rainy weather
Posted: 07/01/2016 by jeanne77


I need advice regarding my tortoise's hibernation. We've had him since 1976 and is still completely wild. He hibernates in the garden border. My worry is it has rained so much and the soil extremely wet, I worry in case he drowns! Would it be wrong to bring him out of hibernation? He hibernated in the middle of October. He is the small broad and so tough I think he came from Northern Europe. I have him covered with an upturned orange box covered with plastic sheeting and filled with straw. Last year he came out of hibernation in December. I will appreciate any advice given.

Re: Current rainy weather
Posted: 07/01/2016 by Tom


It's a bit late to ask, it's about to dry up a bit.

Don't move it now, but you need a 'house' of about a square metre with an apex roof ideally, no base of course.
It would help with temperature stability as well as keeping a bigger area free of water logging.
It would also make a good shelter for in summer, add a temporary floor.

Post some photos if you have any, I can then tell you the species & where they originate.



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