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Want info on best materials
Posted: 15/12/2015 by MHonnor

Hello, I would like to rehome a tortoise and have been reading lots of nutritional info and husbandry. I have the perfect area in my garden, which is fenced off and is approximately 8 X 8 feet. It's laid to grass and has access to outside electrics. I have plans to lay weed seeds suitable for tortoises, obtain a small house so it is safe at night and plan to mesh the top, just in case. My questions are....which fencing is best to use (as I plan to double fence, just to be safe) and would I need to dig up the grass and lay chicken wire then replace? How tall should the second inner fence be? I want to get this perfect before I apply to rehome. Thanks in advance, Michelle

Re: Want info on best materials
Posted: 16/12/2015 by Tom


It depends which species you are considering.

8 x8 ft is too small for any adult tort, is there further space available ?



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