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hibernating tortoise won't settle after 4 weeks
Posted: 14/12/2015 by skippofish

Hi, this is the first time hibernating my 30 (ish) year old Hermann's tortoise (we found her this year so  I have no idea if she  has hibernated before). She was in good health and weight, I followed the 'powering-down' instructions to the letter for a month and finally popped her in the fridge (set at 5-6 degrees) in a cat litter box of sand/soil medium about 4 weeks ago.

But she won't settle. Her eyes are still wide open during the day and she is moving around quite a lot. I read that she might take a couple of weeks to go dormant, but four  weeks?!

I don't want to take her out to weigh her in case I wake her up any more.

Should I persevere or call it  a day, and return her to her indoor quarters with heat lamp and heat pad for the rest of the winter? Her eating had really slowed down before I hibernated her (all she was interested in was dandelion flowers) so am worried I'll struggle to get her to eat through the winter.

Thanks for any advice.  

Re: hibernating tortoise won't settle after 4 weeks
Posted: 16/12/2015 by Tom


Firstly do you have weight records since you found it ?
Also what type of thermometers are you using ?
Don't move it for the moment.
What type of fridge, e.g. with/without a freezer compartment, etc..
Any other info you feel worth adding.



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