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winter feed / hybernation tips
Posted: 09/12/2015 by Henry Horsefield


We adopted Henry and his history is that he's an 8 year old Horsefield. We took him to the vets for his pre hibernation check up and he was healthy although the vet identified that he'd never been hibernated before.  Did the wind down starved him, dropped the temperature each week and brought a wine cooler.  He slowed down and showed signs of wanting to hibernate. We placed him in the fridge in a box and shredded news paper and kept a good check on the temps, starting 5 degrees and dropped to 4 deg to get him off.  He didn't wee or poo and 5 days later he was still moving around in the box.  We sought the vets advice who told us to bring him out.    I've brought him out today, bathed him, stuck him under his light and he's happily roaming around his table and has eaten some dandelion leaves. I'm wondering why he didn't go to sleep?  Any advise on preparation for next year would be greatly appreciated.

Also what can you recommend to feed him through the winter as through the summer we foraged a good deal of weeds for him but they are pretty sparse right now and I'm reluctant to give him shop bought stuff as it may contain chemicals. He has his vitamins daily also on his weeds.



Re: winter feed / hybernation tips
Posted: 09/12/2015 by Tom


Was the temp. checked with a digital thermometer, with the probe in the drinks fridge ? Never rely on just one source of measurement.

Does the fridge have a glass door ?

It is normal for torts to move in the early stages of hibe., the vet should have known that. How the vet could tell it was his 1st hibe. is beyond all understanding !!

I'd feed it for a month, & wind down again & hibe.

Re food - look at the post above yours titled "New Book ." & treat yourself.



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