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Posted: 02/12/2015 by Squirtle

Hi everyone

I am new on here and see there is a lot about feeding, however I am still confused!!  Where it says feed enough to cover she'll is that feeding once a day or twice a day?
At the moment I feed my spur sided two romaine leaves and either courgette or other recommended green. He also has Alf Alfa and Timothy hay available everyday.
My other tortoise is a Horsefield he is tiny, but eating well.
Both  tortoises belonged to two of my grandchildren. The reason I have them is because one family moving house and other not really interested in his tortoise.
Sorry to go on, but one of your members advised someone not to let their tortoise roam around the house. My spur thing he'd roams around, I thought it would be good exercise and stop him getting to fat.!!
 Thank you

Re: Feeding
Posted: 02/12/2015 by Tom


How old are your tortoises ?

If your uvb lamp is on for 8 hours a day, it will have one main feed & a smaller one some hours later. The area of leaf is arbitrary, as some leaves are much more dense & fibrous than others. The main thing is that the 1st feed is vigorous. I'd avoid alfalfa as it's high in protein.
 I suggest that you pick &/or grow some better plants, rather than feeding lettuce every day.
Read the post below yours to discover an excellent new book on the subject.

It's good that you've taken them on, in the circumstances.

There are good reasons why it's best they don't wander round, e.g., they are frustrated when put back in their tort. 'table'. I've asked their age, as both species hibernate, so that I can advise you how long to hibe. them. 
Do you keep weight records ? 


Re: Feeding
Posted: 03/12/2015 by Squirtle


In answer to your questions.
Both torts are two years old
Weight HF 47g. Today. 15th Nov (last weighed) 44g
Weight SS.   790g today.  15th Nov  ditto.     750g
The Horsefield (Turbo) had a very soft shell when I took him over and he was not eating.  It transpired that the uv light was not a uv light!! 
I bought a new light and changed his diet. His foraged food is now rose petals, nasturtium leaves and watercress plus a few dandelions. No rose petals left now.I have supplemented his diet with powdered calcium daily and nutrobal once a week.  His shell is hardening up now and he is much more active.  (Having been reading about torts I wonder if he was going into hibernation mode). 
Squirtle SS alias mad Max!! is doing very well as far as I can tell, he would eat all day if he could.  He is very friendly.
I have ordered some seeds specifically for tortoises and plan to grow my own.
Did you mean the book I should buy is the one your org has for sale. I could not find one under my post.
I bath both tort at least three times a week.
I have been reading about keeping tortoises outside in spring and will have a large area ready for both.  I will keep them separated.
I worry about Squirtle and Turbo all the time, I want them to be happy and have the best life closest to their natural habitat as possible.
What do you mean by a vigorous feed?
I have the light and heat on for ten hours.
Thank you for your advice and support.
P.S I have tried to send photos but no success so far, not sure why.

Re: Feeding
Posted: 04/12/2015 by Tom

Thank you for a detailed reply Christine,

Best not to hibe, the horsf' this winter, as I'm sure you know. I'm glad it's responding. 
In the pic it appears that the dome needs moving over a bit, as some light is on the edge of the table. Make sure it's at 90deg..

My error - the Post above yours, not below, titled "New Book ." The TPG isn't selling it, as such. I recommend it, Lin has a wealth of knowledge, order via

Re. your spur-thighed - 790g is a heck of a weight for a 2yr old. Does it have a [yellow] A10 Certificate ? If not can you send pics of it please, so that I can identify the species ?

Vigorous = eagerly, etc..


Re: Feeding
Posted: 04/12/2015 by Squirtle

Hi Tom

Thank you for your prompt reply.
My daughter has the certificate and is going to look it out tomorrow and let me know what it says.   In addition she advised that the sside is at least four!!
This will be confirmed tomorrow! 
 I will move the lamp across as you suggested.
I attach a photo of the spur sided.

I appreciate your advice.
Thank you

Re: Feeding
Posted: 04/12/2015 by Tom

Thanks Christine,

It's Testudo ibera, 'though the Cert will state T. graeca. It is a spur-thighed species which inhabits Greece & Turkey, etc..

4 years or thereabouts makes sense given it's weight. I was concerned that it might be a Sulcata which are huge, given it's weight (if 2yrs old).

You could hibernate it 'til the end of March, it would need heat/light to get it going in Spring. Your outside enclosure needs to be a min. of 15sqm.
Next year it could 'wind down' outside & then hibe. from mid-Oct. to the end of March.
For hibe. info click on "The Tortoise" box.


Re: Feeding
Posted: 05/12/2015 by Squirtle

Thank you Tom.

I am planning the outdoor area already, can't wait for spring.



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