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1st hibernation
Posted: 28/11/2015 by ShaunaBrealey


We have 2 ibera juveniles, one 18/12 and the other 15. Last winter they were below 35g and we didn't hibernate them. They are both v good weights and v healthy. We have prepared a fridge. It has settled for 4/52. We keep them in a wooden house with correct lamps etc outside with an attached outdoor covered enclosure. We have started the winding down process, no food since Wednesday and continued with water and daily baths. They have been in our house at night as too cold without lamp on at night currently. The lamp is on for 14 hours at the moment. 
We are not sure quite what we do next. We thought 2 wk of no food but do we shorten the lamp time and by how much or leave inside with no lamp? 
Also what is the aquatic air pump we need for fridge and how many temp probes do we need? Also confused on best box set up for fridges, substrate and? Need a lid?
Very grateful for advice as need to get this right and need to buy stuff this week. 

Re: 1st hibernation
Posted: 28/11/2015 by Tom

Hello Shauna,

Click on "The Tortoise" box for the info. you need.

As you acquired them from me, I'll also send my Hibernation info. attachment again, so that you can xreference. It seems that you haven't downloaded it for some reason. Also my advice is unlimited, as stressed in my Notes.

I'm not sure why you have the lamp on for 14 hours or what you mean by "one 18/12 & the other 15".

Re. the air pump - just Google it.



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