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new owner of Russian tortoise
Posted: 10/11/2015 by linda moyes

I have just become the owner of a 14 month old Russian tortoise called Dinara. He is eating well and is fairly active during the day and I keep him in a vivarium with heat and UV lamp which are on for 12 hours daytime. He also has places to hide either end.

Should I provide him with a shallow bowl of water? There is conflicting advice about this so for just now I have a capful of water beside his feeding dish. What is best?

He wants to burrow so I have piled up some substrate in the corner. Any other suggestions to allow  him to burrow?

I am also allowing him out in the room to toddle around for 15 minutes a day, Is that ok?


Re: new owner of Russian tortoise
Posted: 10/11/2015 by Tom

Hello Linda,

Vivs are not good for torts.. Click on "The Tortoise / Incl…." box & print off a Caresheet.
 If a dealer has sold you the viv. it is "not fit for purpose" & you are entitled to a refund.

If they can get in a water dish they tend to 'fowl' it. It's best to put it in a container of tepid water daily & observe. As much soil as poss. [compact it] for burrowing.

Horsfields in the Pet Trade are all imported, many are wild caught. Be vigilant, many have probs.

I know it seems a good idea, but it's not good to let it wander.



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