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is this housing ok?
Posted: 19/10/2015 by billy91

I have finished building/constructing this today.

He seems to have had a good roam around.
Under the plastic is some growing lettuce and grass seed, covered whilst it grows.

Please let me know.


Re: is this housing ok?
Posted: 20/10/2015 by Tom

Yes good, mostly.

Your 'research' source is flawed, NO lettuce !

With seed trays, I think the idea is to put grown on trays into the 'table', keeping others to grow on or recover.

Your strip light will need changing in 6 months, I'd then upgrade to a 100W Megaray UVB bulb, with an 8" dome reflector.

What is the wooden 'slide' for ?

I'd keep well away from the Ockendon Reptile Reserve. As you read through the TPG site, you will learn of the plight of Horsfields tortoises in the hands of the Pet Trade.


Re: is this housing ok?
Posted: 21/10/2015 by billy91


Ok the lettuce I have read the more leafy less water content ones were ok. But I shall remove.
The ramp is to that hide I built, it has grips so he easily climbs up and down. He does that quiet often.
I do have two seed trays growing. One will replace that when it gets used. And swap, but for the time being and not wanting the gravel to go everywhere I'm keeping it protected.
I have lots of weeds growing in seed trays to.
Thanks for the light advice . 


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