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Horsefield not eating
Posted: 15/10/2015 by kayleighmxo


My horsefield tortoise is 3 years old and although her eating usually slows down in the winter it has slowed down much sooner than it has in previous years. She would usually slow down her eating in november but she has hardly been eating for the past 2 months. I have bought a new heat bulb, reintroduced her heat mat, added more variety to her diet, bought a larger enclosure and i bath her every day. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? is it normal? She is showing no signs of physical illness but i am concerned by how little she is eating.

p.s - i do not hibernate her.

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Re: Horsefield not eating
Posted: 17/10/2015 by billy91

Hi, I am brand new to this.

Although well read and researched, I have a baby horsfield , he isn't eating much, not even active unless I get him out with a bath.
I dunno if it is him settling or not.
But to your question mine too, but could be for the whole new to everything

Re: Horsefield not eating
Posted: 18/10/2015 by Tom


It is probably a response to lower light wavelength, this autumn has been poor weather.
I assume that it has lived outside in summer.
Heat mats should not be used for torts.
What does the new diet consist of ?
Loss of appetite can be a sign of illness. A trip to a vet would do no harm, click the "Vets and " box.

Hibernation is a natural process.
Do you keep accurate weight records ? If so can you scan & post them please ?


Re: Horsefield not eating
Posted: 19/10/2015 by Tom

ps 99.9% of Horsfields from pet dealers are imported [1,000 per consignment (!)] & are mostly wild caught.



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