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New Baby Russain
Posted: 15/10/2015 by billy91

I have done a lot of research and reading into the animal, habitat, food and where to buy the animal from.

We have a local reptile reserve with reputable breeders they sell for. 
I am really worried about my Baby Russian (Boris).

He doesn't seem to be eating, or even being active. I have had him 5 days, he eats only when I get him out and bathe him, and put food on front of him.

He is in a vivarium at the moment, with the doors slightly open, and the bottom of the glass covered. He has a UVB / A lamp and a ceramic heat lamp, the hot end is around the 34℃ and the cool is roughly 10℃ less. I feed him a variety of leaves including what the reserve I bought him from Fed him. However I am building a tortoise table extension, with seed trays next to each other with grass, stones and dandelions growing. 

Please advise.


Re: New Baby Russain
Posted: 15/10/2015 by Tom


Which reptile 'reserve' is this ? 

Horsfields are not a good choice for many reasons, but fingers crossed.

Drop the temp to 30C & open the door a few inches at the cool end. No heat or light at night.
As soon as the table is ready, put a few inches of soil in, complact it, & dispose of the viv which are not good for torts. If the 'reserve' sold it with the tort, demand a refund.

Click on "The Tortoise" box & find good advice, including diet.

Good luck,

ps Let us know how you get on.

Re: New Baby Russain
Posted: 15/10/2015 by billy91

Why are they not a good choice? 

The temp I will drop to 30, the thermometer is saying the hot end is 30 that is with a pulse thermostat in the viv which is set currently to 26. Which I presume to set bit lower than 30 as the whole viv will warm up like a greenhouse. 
I do care and want to make him as happy as possible. I can't send him back!!!
In regards to diet, I have read and have a variety of leaves from the good list.

Re: New Baby Russain
Posted: 16/10/2015 by Tom

I don't doubt that you care.

Take the temp at tort level.

As I said many reasons, 99.9% are imported, mostly wild caught, in consignments of 1,000 or more. Think about it.

As you say the whole viv warms up, hence open the cool end door. 

You haven't answered my ? where did you buy it ?
It seems they have sold you a lot of kit with the viv which you should return for a refund. They are bad for torts.

Re: New Baby Russain
Posted: 16/10/2015 by billy91

I am going to keep the viv, take the glass out, have that as one terrain. Then build my tortoise table as attachment with the grass, dandelions and just a dirt tray. (I'm good with diy etc)

I will get an extra basking lamp for the 'outside'.
However he still hasn't moved today. Hasn't eaten, temp says it was 32 at tort level. 
What shall I do? 
The ockendon reptile reserve. 

Re: New Baby Russain
Posted: 17/10/2015 by billy91

Please see image above.

Glass of viv coming out, wall going around the parameter. 
Hide coming outside, built one for inside. 
Left hand side for uv lamp, right hand side basking lamp directed onto rock area.
Pansies planted (no pesticides used in growth). Top soil used. 
Grass planted with dandelion seeds, water dish going on gravel area. 
Does this sound ok? 



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