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Hibination Help!
Posted: 13/10/2015 by wreptile


I hve a 7 yr old horsfield.

I aquired the tortoise in June this year off a freind who could no longer look after him.

They told me that he has been hibinating for a few years.

I feel that he is starting to slow down to go into hibination.

His previous home was not set up correctly, and the heat lamp was not the best.  I have him on a large tortoise table with UV strip and seperate heat lamp on a thermostat.

Do I need to start reducing the heat to invoke hibination?

Some advice on this process would be really appreciated, as I'm worried I do something wrong.


Re: Hibination Help!
Posted: 13/10/2015 by Tom


You could further improve your lighting with a 100W Megaray bulb with a Dome reflector.

For full info on hibernation, click on "The Tortoise box".



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