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Posted: 01/10/2015 by cambaxend73


So 56 days ago my female spur-thighed tortoise laid a clutch of 14 eggs. 10 of which are fertile and have a hatchling growing inside. I'm very excited , the temp in the incubator is 31.5℃. Humidity is 70-80 , I candelled them 4 days ago and there is a bubble at the top which is pretty big with a dark patch at the bottom which I assume is the tortoise. 

I am wondering if there are any signs that they are going to hatch ? And what care requirements are needed for when they have hatched ? 



Re: Incubation
Posted: 01/10/2015 by Tom

Hello Cameron,

Candling is pointless & not without risk.

14eggs means that you have 2 clutches laid simultaneously, one clutch having been retained. Provide better nesting conditions next year.

At 31.5C they will hatch from 60-70 days, depending on temp' position & accuracy.
Keep them [if any] on very wet kitchen towel for 48 hours to shape up.

Click on "The Tortoise" box for much more info.

Keep us informed,
Good Luck,


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