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Lighting / Food / Different Breeds
Posted: 25/09/2015 by HenryHermann

Hi, hope you can help me. I bought a lovely Hermann and She is lovely. I live in Malta and she has had the run of the balcony and apartment basking in the med sunshine and hiding under the BBQ at the hottest part of the day. The temp is now cooling down and I have noticed that she is also slowing down. I want to get her a basking lamp this weekend as she is currently all cuddled up under our aquiruim all snug as a bug in a couple of towels that she aquired. I want to know how long during the day / evening I should ideally keep the basking light on.

Also, can you keep two different species together?

As you can imagine also getting the mormal food that is often recommended is next to impossible so she has a variety of things pertunia, kale, weeds dried dandelion dried calendula, and dried testudo fibre. The dried food is of course soaked, topped with grated cuttle bone.

Any suggestions and help would be grateful. Henry

Re: Lighting / Food / Different Breeds
Posted: 25/09/2015 by Tom


I'm not sure why you've posted the same request in 2 places.

Firstly can you please state where you bought it, also it's age & what paperwork it has, if any ?
A photo of your tort. & a scan of any paperwork would be appreciated.



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