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Always wanted a tortoise
Posted: 24/09/2015 by oxfordmark


I have always wanted a tort, since i was a child.

Just had a few questions before i decide to buy or not:

1) Whats the best tort to get, ideally one that wont grow 2ft big :)
2) Would this Tortoise table be sufficient for the recommended tort? ( - How future proof would it be?
3) What lamp and heater do you reccommend for this table
4) We have a cat, is it worth making a wire top to put over?
5) Can you let a tort roam a garden, whilst being supervised? I would plan to create an outside enclosure in the summer. 

Thank you

Re: Always wanted a tortoise
Posted: 25/09/2015 by Tom


1. Hermanns, T. ibera, or T. marginata (the shop you mentioned, has T. marginata currently & they are UK bred.)
2. Yes for the 1st 2 years, why not DIY.
3. A 100W Megaray UVB bulb, suspended in an 8" reflector dome. On for 8hrs or so a day.
4. Play safe when very small, but cats aren't normally a prob..
5. No, or in a house, [frustrated when put back in table].



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