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Advice for a potential new owner
Posted: 30/08/2015 by casemeister23

Hi all

My girlfriend and I have decided we would like to buy a tortoise, probably a Hermanns. We were initially looking at the tortoise centre but thankfully I stumbled across this website  which has revealed a lot of the bad practices that clearly go on in pet shops and distributors. 

I have spent a lot of time researching on here about a suitable set up for a tortoise, we were thinking an indoor tortoise table which I was going to construct from adapting an old bookcase and removing the shelves, is this likely to be ok?

We do also have an outdoor area where an enclosure could go, which is admittedly not huge area but it is our own and would not be used for anything else but naturally we want to be responsible and gage whether this would be ok for a baby Hermann. 

I am aware of all the bits required for looking after a tortoise such as top soil, a pool to bathe it in, a light and a UVB light etc are all these things easy to source?

We live in Hampshire so naturally we will be trying to find a reputable breeder in the area, do anyone have a breeder they recommend? We live in Basingstoke.

Sorry for all the questions, it's just im aware it's a huge commitment to get a tortoise and I want to do it right.  Would appreciate any advice that can be offered. 

Thanks very much, Alastair 

Re: Advice for a potential new owner
Posted: 30/08/2015 by Tom

Hello Alastair,

Yes the "Tortoise Centre" is best avoided. They are huge importers, consignments consist of 1,000 or more torts., which they courier to pet shops & garden centres throughout the country, as well as flogging on the internet.
That sums up the Pet Trade in tortoises !!!

Hermanns are a good choice.
Yes that will be fine as a 'table'.
Click on Discount Codes, for equipment. You need a combo bulb with a Dome fitting.

Click on TPG Breeders also.

When bigger it will need 150 square feet outside.


Re: Advice for a potential new owner
Posted: 31/08/2015 by casemeister23

Thanks for all your help and advice Tom, sorry for all the questions. We are both very excited about getting a tortoise, lucky there are websites like this which offer so much advice and help. Much appreciated. Alastair 


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