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eggs changing colour
Posted: 26/08/2015 by mrsjarp


We have 2 leopard torts (male and female) betty has laid eggs 18/6/2015 they were put into an incubator but I have noticed that a few of them have started to change colour to a grey colour, is this normal? and how long should it be before they hatch (hopefully)

Re: eggs changing colour
Posted: 27/08/2015 by Tom


The colour change could be a bad omen, but it can happen & they may be ok. 
Hatching takes between 140 & 380 days, depending on temperature.

The problem with breeding them is that given our climate, most of them have a very poor quality of life, living in undersized heated areas & even wandering round houses, for much of the year. Whereas they need a five figure sum spent on purpose-built heated quarters, together with a large grazing area, for in suitable weather. 

I'm sure that yours are very well kept, I should add.


Re: eggs changing colour
Posted: 28/08/2015 by mrsjarp

hello Tom,

Thank-you for your reply.
We live in the South West and rarely get any cold weather, they live in an insulated large wendy house in the garden with a large ouside space. If we have any very cold weather there is room for them to come indoors.  They seem happy and have lived with us for 4years.
By your dates we may have hatchlings in October and November (2 clutches)

Thank you again 


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