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New to tortoises!
Posted: 15/08/2015 by abbie227

So after a lot of consideration I have decided to get a tortoise but it is such a minefield! I'm scared of buying from the wrong person or following the wrong advice so I thought this would be the best way to find out.

I have decided on a Hermann's due to size and adaptation to UK climate but there's a fair few questions:
1. I have read that it is not advised to buy a hatchling unless very experienced. Is this true? I would love to raise my tortoise from as young as possible but I also obviously want to care for it properly.
2. What is the recommended size housing? I have seen people with houses a bit like hamster cages? I will get an outside run but I want to keep my tortoise inside overnight but I'm not sure how much they roam or what space they will need when inside.
3. I have also read that if tortoises are kept in a warm house they only need a heat lamp when it gets cooler? I am wary of leaving a heat lamp on all day if there is no one in the house, should this be on at all times when the tortoise is inside?
I have loads more questions about food and bedding and things but first I just want to know that I will be able to provide the right set up.
Sorry to sound useless but this is all new!
Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you :)

Re: New to tortoises!
Posted: 15/08/2015 by Tom

Hello Annie,

You could have a hatching, once you are fully set up.

All of the info you need can be found by reading your way through this site.
Start by clicking on "The Tortoise" box.

You will benefit from taking quite some time in study rather than rushing to buy.


Re: New to tortoises!
Posted: 15/08/2015 by abbie227

Thanks Tom,

Just one more question, how long does it take for a hatchling to become fully grown?

Re: New to tortoises!
Posted: 16/08/2015 by Tom

Most of the growth is in the first 10 years if they are hibernated annually.


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