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indoor housing
Posted: 13/08/2015 by murphy

Hello everyone

I am new to the forum & I have only had my tortoise for a few months so I am still in the learning stage. When I got my tortoise from a family he was in a vivarium he seemed happy in there but I read that you shouldn't keep tortoises in them. then I thought I would make him a bigger enclosure to give him more room and different areas to explore. But he didn't like that and he wouldn't eat & seemed to be very cold even with his light on. so today worried I have been out and bought an indoor rabbit cage ( deep plastic bottom and wire top) I have fitted the all in one heat lamp to the cage but he still seems cold.

I really don't know if I have done the right thing but I carnt afford to buy another cage for him I just need some help to make sure he is going to be warm enough and keep him happy as I keep reading different things and being told different things I am getting confused can anyone please help..

Regards Murphy

Re: indoor housing
Posted: 14/08/2015 by Tom


You have done the right thing.
What is the weight & length of your tortoise ?
Also what is the room temperature ?



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