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Hatchling tortoise dying
Posted: 06/08/2015 by jennyhoneybun


I have two questions for anyone who has successfully bred any Hermanns tortoises.  My 5 year old female Pebbles laid 2 eggs on 31st May and a third egg on 18th June.  One of the first eggs hatched on Monday this week and a gorgeous tiny tortoise emerged.  Checked on 'Eggbert' several times over the next 24 hours but he/she had not completely come out of the second part of the egg.  Checked Tues evening, no movement at all even when I gently touched his beak and claws etc and his mouth was open.  He had died within the 24 hours of hatching.  When I took him out of the shell I found a huge egg sac still attached to him.  Could I have done anything to prevent him dying?  I had left him in the incubator all the time until I found him dead.

Second question is the second egg laid at the same time I tried to candle yesterday to see any signs of life to try again but accidentally cracked the top of the shell.  The crack is on the egg surface but now I am terrified that I have either compromised the egg itself or killed potentially a baby tortoise inside.  Can anyone advise please?  The egg is now 66 days into incubation.





Re: Hatchling tortoise dying
Posted: 06/08/2015 by Tom

Hello Jenny,

5 years is FAR too young to allow to mate. What is her weight ?

It is likely that the first egg pipped early because of a very thin shell. Similarly the second egg "cracked" when you tried to candle it. There is nothing you can do, don't handle it further.
Thin egg shells are the result of Calcium deficiency. Which supplement, if any, are you using ?

What is the humidity level ?

Candling is pointless, if an egg is going to hatch - it usually will. Patience is a virtue !
66 days is not a problem in itself, I assume that you are incubating a 27C or less.


Re: Hatchling tortoise dying
Posted: 28/04/2016 by mel3279

Hi i have an african leopard that laid 4 eggs thanksgiving day. One hatched april 16 he had large yolk sac and sadly he passed this past sunday. Came home today and another has hatched and he also has yolk sac , his is smaller and not a protruding as the first one. I have read to keep them in like a cup lined with moist paper towels and keep lubricant or vaseline on the sac then place them back in the incubator and keep them kind of immobile and warm and dark. Is there anything else we can do to up the chances of this little guy making it  ????  we still have 2 left to hatch . so hopefully the longer they can stay in their egg the better they will be. Please any advise would be most appreciated 


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