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Tortoise Pellets
Posted: 26/06/2015 by Petal1

I am new to the site and am a novice owner having newly inherited my dec'd fathers 70year old whitei and would like to know the pro's and cons of feeding soaked dry formula tortoise pellets.  I have had him checked over and he is very healthy but have read such conflicting advice on feeding practices.  I do know natural foods/weeds are 100% the best option which is what I am currently feeding/harvesting for him but is there a place for foods like soaked dry formula pellets even if used only very very occasionally.

Hoping someone can give me some info. 

Re: Tortoise Pellets
Posted: 26/06/2015 by Tom

Hello Petal 1,

F. whitei are herbivorous subsistence feeders. Contents of 'tortoise pellets' bear no relation to their natural diet and should be avoided.


Re: Tortoise Pellets
Posted: 27/06/2015 by Petal1

Thank you for responding.  Unfortunately I only have a fairly small 30' square garden which is half concrete and half grass plus gets both full sun and shade its very secure and he has full access to it every day , I am attempting to grow some weeds in pots/trays etc. and I am no gardener so its proving a slow process plus I have trouble identifying things out n about even from pictures.  Fortunately at 70 he is a seasoned tortoise so I think he knows how to avoid anything harmful but I am worried about offering store bought veg that he may like but is not good for him.  I know my dad fed him a lot of runner beans, cabbage & tomato which I have subsequently learnt is not good for him :0(   I am having trouble gleaning what is good diet for him so any feeding tips would be great x

Re: Tortoise Pellets
Posted: 28/06/2015 by Tom

Whilst not ideal you would be better to supplement with cabbage rather than pellets.  

Join the nearest horticultural society & try to get an allotment, or part of one. Mixing with gardeners will soon improve your knowledge.

Remove some concrete & extend your wild plant lawn.

Go to for the best info on plants. Lin has put many years of research into the subject, based on fieldwork.

Good luck,


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