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Few questions:)
Posted: 19/06/2015 by Royt25

Hello folks,

Just wanted to asked a few questions in regards to my son Mark's new tortoise (Donnie the horsfield)that wee getting at the weekend. Donnie is approximately 9months old.

Got a table 120cm x 60cm x 22cm.(expandable in future) Set up with a mix of coco coir, soil @ 5inches. Got house bit a bit deeper. Got plenty of hidie hold and a humid hide. Got light fixtures n fitting. 

But i dont no what light/s to go for. What are the best ones to get. One for each or 2 in one. Can someone provide a link?

Also any suggested improvments?

Many thanks

Re: Few questions:)
Posted: 19/06/2015 by Tom

Hello Roy,

First don't buy a Horsfield from a dealer (shop, etc.) - click on the "Buying a Tortoise" box.

Your table is ok, but watch the soil level around the walls - make sure it can't get out.

Put Megaray into Google & get a 100W bulb (2in1) with a dome fitting., angle down at 90deg.



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