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pet store
Posted: 17/06/2008 by shazzler

there is a pet store where i live who keeps her baby torts in a viv with a piece of glass to seperate the species, they are on woodchip with a bulb in the middle for both heat and light ( a little swirly bulb that gives off uv ), they have no water dish Click and drag me down to the editor and each time i visit they have cabbage to eat, and she sells pellet food for them. i feel so sorry for the little guys i wish i could buy them all to give them a better chance but that would just open up the space for more imports which they state they are,

Re: pet store
Posted: 20/06/2008 by tortoise7

I know how you feel, there is pet shop doing the same thing near me. I did approach them and gave them literature from the TT site, but they haven't taken any notice, I felt like buying them all up too. Makes your heart break doesn't it?


Re: pet store
Posted: 20/06/2008 by tpgNina

It is terrible, and I think we all feel like buying those little tortoises and saving them from those dreadful shops. The problem is that the more we buy, the more they are replaced with more little tortoises and the cycle continues.



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