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just been given a horsefield - help
Posted: 19/05/2015 by Kbcbkb

Hi, hope you can help. I had a spur thighed tortoise many years ago for over 10 years before he went walk about and never found ( I then had red eared slider terrapins for 15 years - until they where just too big , they are now in a sanctuary). I have just rescued a Horsefield from a friends messy divorce .I have  a run for  him with a basking area and a bedding enclosure full of straw and hay. I want to put some plants in for him to explore but am struggling to find out  what will be okay. Lavender ? The information about what to feed him is also confusing-any tips. I am feeding him lettuce, dandelions, a little cucumber and apple. When the children are home from school he then has free run of the garden and often munches on the weeds.

Just a bit worried as the last few days it has been cold and wet and he has stayed inside the bed and not eaten. Should I get some sort of heat source. just a bit concerned about electricity in the garden.

Thanks for all your help. Any hints and tips  greatly appreciated. I will go back to reading all the posts on this great forum.

Re: just been given a horsefield - help
Posted: 19/05/2015 by


I suggest that you click on "The Tortoise / " box & download a care sheet.
For plants go to

Of the foods you've noted - avoid lettuce, cu. & apple.

Re. post if you need further help after digesting all that, but I would need much more detail about the tort. & enclosure.

A wander round the garden leads to frustration when put back in enclosure.



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