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Advice on outdoor enclosure
Posted: 18/05/2015 by Smiffyz

Hi, thanks for accepting me, I've just finished (after reading and reading and reading) heff's new outdoor enclosure and am asking if I've forgotten anything or if I can improve anything.

The covered part 1m x 2m has a 2 hides he can tunnel in a basking area and it's planted with various edible plants & weeds, it's also got a tube heater on a thermostat set to 18*. the outside 1m x 2.5m is partitioned so I can open doors to restrict an area so it can recover if I have to, this is also planted and has 2 hides, mounds for digging, rocks etc. The whole lot is lined 30cm down with mesh and gravel for drainage and backfilled with topsoil/sand mix.It's in full sun for approx 10hrs a day and has shaded areas as well as large plant pots etc.
In the covered area has a 100w arcadia uvb and a 100w basking lamp in it (is this too much).

Re: Advice on outdoor enclosure
Posted: 19/05/2015 by Tom

Very impressive !!

I can see in the pics that it's a Horsfield's, hence you have a wire mesh lining. 

You could link all of the enclosures together in due course, as 2x1m will be on the small side for an adult. 
Perhaps put the tube heater on 12C for overnight, as Horsfields are very hardy & shouldn't be 'molly coddled'.
If you use the 100W UVB bulb on dull days, the basking lamp will not be needed. Use a digital thermometer, with the probe at the hot spot.

Re. plants 'recovering,' use seed trays, so that you've some ready to swop. Take a look at Lin's site -

Watch out for over heating if the polycarbonate is in position & the sun comes out. Potentially life threatening, but I'm sure you are aware of this.

If only all Horsfields in captivity had such a home.


Re: Advice on outdoor enclosure
Posted: 19/05/2015 by Smiffyz

Thanks Tom, I had a feeling the tube heater was set a little high, they are all linked together so I can allow or deny access as and when, I do have deep trays sunk in level with the ground so I can swap them about. Do you recommend having access to them all now even at this time of year, I was concerned he'd end up staying out and it's still a bit cool in the evening up here yet, we had hailstones last night so i'm making sure he's in the covered area at night for the time being.

Re: Advice on outdoor enclosure
Posted: 21/05/2015 by

I see - that's good.

It's all weather dependant, you will make the right decisions I'm sure.

Best wishes,


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