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New to the hermann world! Help!
Posted: 16/05/2015 by helenwilliams22

Hello! So many useful posts on here! Need a little advice please. This week we picked up our first tortoise. A one year old Herman from a reputable shop, with certificate and full set up. He's in a tortoise table with a uv basking lamp, 80w. We've bathed him each day and put fresh weeds and water along with tortoise food from pet shop and sprinkle of calci powder and a cuttle fish bone. He's 49g on first weigh in. He sleeps for majority of the time, he was awake a little bit yesterday afternoon and we bathed him and weighed him. He just sleeps so much! Is this while he settled and after the move to here or is he too cold? Do tortoises sleep most of the day? He just sleeps so much!! Any advice? Tortoise tables are very open so I don't feel we're building up a good heat level but our set up looks like other peoples we've seen and our house is a steady 19/20 degrees? What can we do? Let him sleep as much as he likes? It's may so not cold winter months! Many thanks. Helen x 

Re: New to the hermann world! Help!
Posted: 16/05/2015 by

Hello Helen,

What temperature is it under the hot spot ? 
Which type of bulb are you using ?
Which food did the pet shop sell you ?

What is the "Country of Origin" of your tort ?(see Box 10 on your Certificate)
Is it microchipped ?


Re: New to the hermann world! Help!
Posted: 16/05/2015 by helenwilliams22

Since posting last she's women up, eaten 3 leaves and popped then had a lovely explore and climb around and sat in her water bowl for a while. She's much lively this afternoon so feeling a bit better! The food sold to us is called tortoise diet fruit and flower. Just sent my husband out to get a thermometer so we can test the temperature. Bulb is called Arcordua uv basking lamp, 80w uva/uvb/1r Fingers crossed! Thanks for reply

Oh, and since last post my daughter has decided he's a she so we're switching. Wish we knew for sure boy or girl!! She's from Germany and shop told us she's too young to microchip? 

Re: New to the hermann world! Help!
Posted: 17/05/2015 by

Thank you for your reply,

Be sure to take the temp. at tort. level.
You lamp is ok 'though the output will need to be a bit higher over the winter.
Which pet shop did you get it from ?
It will be able to go outside on most days through the summer. Just buy 10' of 6"x1" timber & cut into two 3' & two 2' lengths, to make a 3'x2'x6"high pen, (no base needed & put wire netting on top). Provide shade areas.
Is your Certificate yellow, with a stamp in the bottom right corner ?

Let us know how he is in a few days & if his weight increases.



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