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Herrman Tortoises Home Advice
Posted: 13/05/2015 by ann and elijah


I have recently purchased 2 Herrman Tortoises and was advised by the reptile shop how to home them which was in a vivarium with temp set at 84f constantly and UV light for 12 hours a day. The back and side of vivarium are wood with glass front. There is conglicting advice as to what is a good home for them so I was wondering if there was anything I could do to make things more comfortable for them? They dig a lot into the woodchip and one has settled under his feeding bowl so do I need to add more appropriate things for them to burrow? I know they need circulating air so the doors are left slightly ajar for long periods and for short periods the doors are open and they are let out at least once a day. I don't have the money for any more housing so advice on to how to make what appears to be a sad situation for the  tortoises a better one, I would be grateful. Thanks.

Re: Herrman Tortoises Home Advice
Posted: 14/05/2015 by


I'm sorry to hear that you have been mislead by the reptile dealer & you should insist on a refund for the vivarium. You can use an old drawer as a tort. 'table.'

Which shop is it ? These pet dealers love selling viv's as they are expensive - plenty of profit !! 

As you now know you need an open top box setup. If you don't take the viv back, then open the door several inches to provide a cool end, & have the hot spot at the opposite end. They are burrowing because they are too hot, I suspect.

It is unkind to let them out once a day, as they will be stressed when put back in a smaller space.

If you buy some 6"x 1" timber & a few nails, you can make a 3'x2'x6" high pen for outside. You can buy wire netting from a 1 shop for above. Provide shade from full sun.

I trust that this helps, let us know if you have prob's taking the viv back.


Re: Herrman Tortoises Home Advice
Posted: 25/05/2015 by ann and elijah

Thank you Tom for your advice - I will keep the end of the vivarium open that is not by the lamp so they have a cool area. They tend to burrow in the end the lamp is in. The vivarium was especially made so I am not too comfortable in returning. I do actually need to return to the shop as I only have paperwork for one and not the other. If I could genuinely get good advice and help setting up a home I wouldn't mine adding the cost as I don't like to think of any animal being uncomfortable but it really is disconcerting on who to trust. I would think a reptile shop with good trade is a reliable source but clearly not. Its very frustrating and confusing.

Re: Herrman Tortoises Home Advice
Posted: 11/05/2019 by Twins2708

I have a Eastern Hermann tortoise who is about a year old. He lives in a viv ( which I know know is not the best but I cannot change it for now , so I am leaving the glass open at the cool end) anyway my problem is feeding my little darling - now due to wrong advice he was primarily feed on kale for the first 10 month until I realised that was not the best. But now he is refusing to eat anything  other than food he should only have small amounts of. I am struggling to find and identify the stuff he should be eating, I look like a crazy woman with my print out of food he can eat - wandering round the local parks and walkways etc but I can sometimes find something I think he can have but the flowers are the wrong colour- it's very confusing. Can anyone help me because I really really want to do the best for my tortoise?


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