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House Help
Posted: 03/05/2015 by KTurner

Hi Everyone,

Me and the husband are on the last leg of re-landscaping our garden, and wanted to incorporate an area for a rescue tortoise. I wanted peoples opinions on our plans, as we didn't want to do all the work, submit our application, to then be told it's not suitable.

The area we have planned is in the corner of the garden, and from reading the tortoise fact sheets, I think a Herman would be best suited to this space. The plot is approx. 9ft x 9ft and will be fenced, and when the small chicken pen is moved, there will be space for a approx. 2ft x 2.5ft coldframe style house with wiring for a light. We plan to plant shurbs and provide hide outs, but would appreciate anyone's opinions/ advice. 

I have attached photos of what the space currently looks like. We have just re-seeded the lawn so there is a well contained space for a tortoise to have a supervised roam.

Thank you in advance


Re: House Help
Posted: 04/05/2015 by

Hello Kate,

 It would be best to address this to the Re-homing persons.

The area is rather small for an adult. Does it get sun  all day ?
It is not a good idea to let it roam the lawn, as it would be frustrated when put back into the small enclosure.

If you can double the size, it would be excellent.



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