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Weight Gain
Posted: 17/04/2015 by hbowler

Does anyone know what the rate of weight gain for a north African spur thighed tortoise should be after hibernation?

Ours lost very little weight over the winter (about 30g) and she seems to be piling it back on at the mo. She has put on about 60grams in the last month and she now weighs 1490 grams. Does anyone know if this is normal? Having read some of these posts i think some of it may be due to rehydration.
She is super active and seems to be very well for a 50 -60 year old!

Thanks all


Re: Weight Gain
Posted: 18/04/2015 by

Hello Hilary, 

It's not possible to quantify the rate, as it depends on your husbandry method.
30g is quite a lot to lose. You imply that you've had your tortoise quite a long time, so it's best to compare with you own weight records.
Hibernating in moist soil or leaf litter helps to prevent excess dehydration.

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Re: Weight Gain
Posted: 23/04/2015 by hbowler

Ok thanks - we've had her for a year as we inherited her last summer.She seems to be fine so we'll just keep monitoring it.



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