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Pancake tortoise
Posted: 12/04/2015 by Sue 119

I bought (in Sept 2012) two pancake tortoises from a reptile shop.  I have experience of keeping mediterranean tortoises and was unhappy with the way the pancake tortoises were being kept in the shop as well as knowing that they had been there for several months with no buyers.  They came with the proper CITES/ DEFRA licences and were microchipped etc.  I had particularly asked if they were bred in this country and were told they were from Scotland.  On examining their licences, it turned out they were actually captive bred in Kenya and imported (via Germany) to Scotland.  By this point I felt I couldnít just leave them so continued to buy them.

I have read up as much as possible on the species and have kept them in, I believe, good conditions.  However, about a month ago one of them suddenly died.  Everything I have read has suggested that Pancakes are social tortoises and I really want some advice on whether it is fair to keep one on her own?  I believe my remaining one is female, I donít really want to get more pancake tortoises but also donít want my remaining one to be unhappy Ė she appears to be eating fine but whereas before she would be very interactive with me, she does appear a bit more subdued.  

Any advice would be really gratefully received.  Thank you.

Re: Pancake tortoise
Posted: 19/04/2015 by


The German connection is not unusual, there appears to be very little control on dealers.

I sympathise with you, your remaining female would be happier with a suitable companion, but where you obtain a healthy one is another matter. Also given that you don't know the cause of death, a 12 month quarantine period is advisable.

Another possibility is to try to find a specialist keeper, who would in due course take your female.



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