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Posted: 10/04/2015 by Marshall

Hi, I have 2 fairly large female spur thighs and 1 medium sized female Herman.  The largest of the spur thigh has started ramming the smaller Herman.  The history of both tortoises was that they lived together for years, however following my separation from my now ex partner, they were apart for approximately the past 5 years. 

During hibernation this year, my ex partner lost his old Herman and therefore asked me to take on the little one, as he didn't want her on her own and was not able to give her the proper care and attention.  I therefore took back my little Herman and put her back with my two spur thighs who have known her for years.

I noticed this weekend, that the largest of the spur thighs has started ramming the herman, which is the first time I have seen her do this as she is normally so docile and doppy.  My other spur thigh has taken no notice of the herman coming back. 

Does anyone know the reason for this ramming?



Re: Ramming
Posted: 19/04/2015 by

Hello Tina,

This is dominant behaviour, also many females get 'frisky' in Spring. 
They are probably living partly in the house or greenhouse & part outside in this changeable weather. 

Hopefully it will decrease when they stay outside in warmer weather, provided that they have an enclosure of at least 20sqm. If this is aggressive hard ramming, you need to find a solution, or the hermanns will be badly stressed, also the hermann's carapace of is easily damaged by continual ramming.



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