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Early signs of Pyramiding?
Posted: 04/04/2015 by Anisha

Hi everyone, 

I'm a bit worried about my tortoise Titus. He's a 7 months old Hermann's, and I'm a bit concerned he might be showing early signs of pyramiding. 

Not sure if I'm being paranoid or not. Any ideas from the pictures? 

He lives in a wooden tortoise table, on a mixture of sand and sterilised top soil. It's 6 foot by 2 foot, and he has houses and plants to hide under, as well as a heat lamp. 

He eats once a day, either dandilion leaves, lambs lettuce, gem lettuce or leaves from the florette crispy salad bags, and has Nutrobal once or twice a week on his lunch. 

Any thoughts much appreciated! Thank you!

Re: Early signs of Pyramiding?
Posted: 19/04/2015 by

Hello Anisha,

Yes there are signs of it. Not too bd as yet.
Which "heat lamp" are you using ?



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