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New keeper
Posted: 03/03/2015 by Moominmoomin

Hi, I bought a Spur thighed 2 weeks ago.  He is 3 years old and in a rabbit style cage with a lamp at one end.  When we bought him we were told he had the lamp left on 24/7 and ate mainly broccoli, and spinach.

Further investigation told us that lamp on 24/7 is not good for them and that a day/night routine should be followed.  We were also advised to put dust free hay in one area so he can snuggle at night.  We did this and up to yesterday he has been a wonderful little creature and we were all really surprised at how well he was adapting to a new life.

However, he has now not touched his food for 2 days and his stools have become loose.  As I am new to this I thought I would jump straight on here and get advise.  He is active and altermating between hay and lamp and walking over to food but not eating, he is also drinking.  He has been bathed and pooped for England and also did the white stuff!!

Any advise would be great as I don't want to upset the little fellow xx

Re: New keeper
Posted: 03/03/2015 by Tom


Can I ask where you got it please ?

What lamp are you using & what is the temp. at tort. level ?

Photos of your tort., & also some shots of of the set-up would be helpful.



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