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Red footed tortoise
Posted: 02/03/2015 by ashley523

Hello, first of all i am not from the uk, hope this isnt a problem. I am from Florida :) My husband and I are going to be getting 1 or 2 Red footed tortoises on the 21st of this month. What are some habitat items you suggest. pictures of your habitats would be AWESOME!! :)

Re: Red footed tortoise
Posted: 04/03/2015 by Tom


You will be aware that they are a rainforest species & you will need to replicate the habitat.
This site stresses the need to re-home or buy direct from a breeder, (watch out for pretenders !!) With the latter you will get all the advice you need.

There are a number of reputable tortoise groups in America, they would have a list of breeders. Have a look online, that's your best bet, as very few are kept in the UK.

Good to hear from you & perhaps you'll post us some pics in due course.

Best wishes,

Re: Red footed tortoise
Posted: 22/06/2015 by classicnovum

Hi Ashley,

You are in better luck than most keepers of Red Foots due to your location. You don't say what you're own living arrangements are, but if you have your own private garden (which should be secure) your redfoot should be happy living outside as the climate where you live is bordering on that of where they come from.

You don't need to go to too much expense, you will only require a suitable enclosure that the tortoise can move around in, a place to stay out of direct sunlight, a few non poisonous plants in the enclosure to replicate their natural leafy habitat, a moss substrate to provide moisture and a general check that the temperature is appropriate during the daytime for this breed.

hope this helps!


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