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Should I wake her up
Posted: 02/03/2015 by mrs f

Hi Every one,

Mrs Brown  ( 8 year old Hermann ) has been in the fridge since 23 Nov, her weight to start was 896g, last week her weight was 893g, but she has been asleep for 14 weeks, so is it time to get her up, I thought I had read somewhere that that is about the maximum a tort should be left...

Many thanks


Re: Should I wake her up
Posted: 02/03/2015 by Tom

Hello Debs,

I seem to recall that it is her 1st hibe'. If so, then put your mind at rest & get her up in the next day or two. When she becomes active, water is essential before food.

Hardy species of that age can be hibe'd for 5months, but 3 months is far better than none. It's good to note that you keep accurate weight records.

Best wishes,

ps I've now had the sense to look back - not the 1st time, so the end of March ? - if you can wait that long to see her!!


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