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Underfloor heating in house
Posted: 17/02/2015 by Humphreysmum

We have recently had underfloor heating fitted in the downstairs of our house. Is it safe to let our 50+ year old spur thigh, Humphrey  wander about on it when she comes out of hibernation? 

I know heat mats are a no no but this is just domestic underfloor heating which is warm to walk on but not hot. 
Would really appreciate the advice. Xxx 

Re: Underfloor heating in house
Posted: 19/02/2015 by Tom


Your floor will, in effect, be the same as a heat mat. The TPG advice is not to let torts. wander around the house, regardless of the type of floor.

You are quite right to keep it in the house for a period, 'til the ground temp. warms up outside. 

It's great that you've had it all those years.
You can now buy a walk-in 6' x 4' mini poly-tunnel at a very low price via the internet. These are excellent for torts in poor weather.

Best wishes,


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