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need help and advice
Posted: 03/02/2015 by richard1234

hi all im new to the forum 

basically ive bought my girlfriend a 4 month old horsefield - she has named him peanut

peanut come in a viv and after a long read up i built him a table - he come with a heat bulb in a ceramic holder  which ive used on the table and i bought him a 10.0 uvb bulb 

he came with wood chippings in and ive changed that to soil substrate 

but now i put the thermometer direct under heat bulb and it goes too high - ive raised the bulb a further 3 inches above substrate and is still a little high - but for example if i move thermometer 2 inches from that spot it reads too low - also in his housing part temp is only 12 degrees 

i think it has a 60w basing bulb in ( is this too high for a young tortoise)

he always wants to be in his housing never really comes out to walk eat or drink - me girlfriend is getting nervous about this 

any help and advice will be really appreciated 

Re: need help and advice
Posted: 04/02/2015 by Tom


It's good that you have done some reading & improved it's environment.
So what is the temp in the centre of the basking spot at tort. level ? 

By "housing part" I assume you mean the bit that has a "roof," if so block it off & when you have time remove it. (I know the pet trade 'tables' have them, - perhaps to justify high prices.)

Are you saying that it's not eating at all ?

A 60W basking bulb is not too high, what height is it above tort level ?

If you ansa the 3 ?s please, I'll get back to you.



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