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A busy few days!
Posted: 29/01/2015 by 19sarah68

Finished building t table, lighting arrived, although I think my reflector may be too small for megaray bulb, I will sort that.  Piles of research done on feeding and a list of plants and seeds to buy.  Topsoil bought, over estimated quantity I needed, no bad thing, three bags stored in shed!  Sat reading interesting scoresheet last night thinking "right, I'm ready" when the phone rings,  a friend, "hi Sarah, are you still thinking about getting a tortoise?" "Yes" I said, "oh good! I will be round in 1/2 hour".  She turned up with tortoise!!! Tiny thing about 4inch she'll,  neighbour wanted rid as son had lost interest.  So I am now the owner of a two year old horsfield tortoise!  

Re: A busy few days!
Posted: 29/01/2015 by 19sarah68

Oops! Posted on wrong page, can I move it?


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